Pager Service Repairs

My pager isn't working, What do I do?

If you exclude "My dog ate it" or "I dropped it in the river/lake/toilet" (neither of which is usually repairable), the two most common reasons a pager does not work are "Wrong/Bad Battery" or "Dropped one to many times".

Wrong/Bad Battery:
In todayís battery dependent world, one would not think this would be a problem, but it is. Quite often when a customer sends in a "broken" pager it will have a bad battery. We try to resolve this without making the our customer feel like a fool. Normally, before we send the unit in for repair, we try a different battery just in case the customer got a bad one out of a pack. When we remove the battery, we observe the way the battery was installed, as often we find it to have been installed backwards and when it's put in correctly, it will solve the problem.

Wrong Battery:
Another common problem is "Use of batteries that are not alkaline". When a person puts them into their flashlight, they canít see any difference because both kinds will make the flashlight light up, but there is a huge difference in performance. The old style "regular" batteries will not hold their voltage under load as well or as long as alkaline batteries. When a non-alkaline battery is used, the battery life will be very short or not work at all. The display will work, but often there is not enough power to properly operate the radio receiver portion of the pager. This leads to complaints of operation in some places and not in others, or "Jimís pager works there, but mine doesn't". It doesn't matter what's printed on the outside of the battery, how many or how big they write Super Duper, Heavy Duty, Extra Power or all the other marketing terms, if it doesn't say "Alkaline", you should put it into the trash instead of the pager!.


New Battery:
Another common problem is "Replaced and still indicates Battery Low". Generally occurs with the GEO40A- (ALA25) model. Solution: Turn off pager via the button menu. Removing and replacing the battery will not solve the issue.

"The Facts, Just the Facts Madam"
That was a line from an old cop show of the 1960s. But it's still true and often it's hard to get the facts. It's easy to miss something important to reliable pager operation. However, if there are no signs of dogís teeth, and you have tried the battery thing and it still doesn't work, we will need a couple questions answered.

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